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Arcane is the official release artist of music and soundtracks featured in the Netflix Series "Arcane" by Riot Games. Arcane is also the name of multiple bands: 1. Arcane. A progressive metal band based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 2. Arcane is also a small doujin circle in japan. 3. Arcane from Belfast, Ireland and play heavy rock/metal influenced by such bands as Tool, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and many more. 4. Arcane is a 5 piece metal band from Bournemouth, United Kingdom. 5. Two groups originate in the United States, one plays Thrash Metal, while the other is a Hip-Hop Group. 6. Another is from Ulm in Germany. More Infos @ 7. Another comes from Finland, they play melodic/black metal. 8. Another deathrashers Arcane comes from Turkiye. More Info @ official myspace. 9. Arcane is also the nom de clavier of Paul Lawler when producing astounding recreations of 1970s and 1980s Berlin School electronic music, with Tangerine Dream in their Baumann and Schmoelling eras as specific referents. 10. Arcane is also the name of an old metallic hardcore band formed of various members who went on to form The Dillinger Escape Plan. The only song officially released was "Malfactor" on the compilation "The Tie That Binds" in 1996. 11. Goth (Deathrock) band from Seattle, Washington. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

Arcane Minotaur EP Over/Shadow

Arcane - Minotaur EP

4 Track EP OF Bass Heavy Drum N Bass - Bristol based Arcane makes a thunderous debut on Over/Shadow with 4 tracks that have been creating a stir on da...
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