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Tiger Stripes/ You Cant Hold Me
Funk / Disco /
Vinyl record
Felix AKA Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano - Proto House Legends 1984 Release repressed - Very Rare - Remastered - Arthur Russell and Nicky Siano... You'd donate a crucial limb to be in the studio when these were conjured, right? Expertly extended with full emphasis on the groove, Sleeping Bag have treated the heritage with the utmost respect. The guitar and horn noodles and dynamics of "Tiger Stripes" are given heaps of space to do their thing while the percussive groove takes on an even more hypnotic edge. Meanwhile on "You Can't Hold Me Down", the scratchy, unrelenting guitar rhythmic backbone remains the main focus while more attention has been paid to the drums, most notably the weightier kicks. A very respectful revisitation.

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Tiger Stripes (Original)
Tiger Stripes (Extended Version)
You Can't Hold Me Down (Original)
You Can't Hold Me Down (Extended Version)

Last FM Information on Felix

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There are many artists named "Felix": 1) 'Felix' is the alias of British DJ/producer and Partycrashers remix outfit, Francis Wright. "Nothin More I Need (feat. Brendan Reilly)" was released in October 2016. His 1992 track "Don't you want me", went to number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. It also reached number 6 in the UK Singles Chart in 1992 and included on the album "One" (1993). "Don't you want me" samples "Jomanda's" "Don't You Want My Love" and is credited as "Felix Featuring Jomanda" (co-produced by Rollo Armstrong and Red Jerry). It was originally released in 1992 on Hooj Choons records, but commercial success came later in the year via its Deconstruction release and its 1995 re-release. In 1996 a remix of the song, "Don't You Want Me ('96 Pugilist Mix)", formed the soundtrack to the multi award winning 1997 TV commercial for "Blackcurrant Tango". After a vinyl re-press in 2001 and 2004, the track was sampled by Meck in 2007 to provide the majority of the music for his single "Feels Like Home". In 2008, Madonna used elements of Meck's version during "Like a Prayer" on the "Sticky & Sweet Tour" with an update as "Don't You Want Me 2015" via Armada. 2) Felix is the musical project of classically trained pianist and cellist Lucinda Chua (who has also played in Stars Of The Lid) joined by guitarist Chris Summerlin (Lords, Wolves Of Greece, Kogumaza) and drummer Neil Turpin (Bilge Pump, Quack Quack). Following a split 7" with Chris Herbert on the ambient label Low Point, Felix released a debut album entitled "You Are The One I Pick" (with drummer Elvis Beetham) in November 2009 on the Kranky label from Chicago. A follow up album "Oh Holy Molar" was released in April 2012 with Neil Turpin replacing Beetham on drums. The album was promoted with a tour of North America in support of Yann Tiersen" where Chua was joined by Turpin on drums and Robin Allender on guitar. Official website Official Facebook Official Twitter 3) Felix (from New York State, USA) was a four-person punk band out of Colgate University. In their three years together, they played numerous shows in the local area and became favorites to many. With the graduation of their front-man Dave Ramirez, Guitarist Vin Macri took over lead vocals, with Kevin Glass remaining on bass and Kyle Levenick on drums. After having Kevin going abroad in their third year, the band decided to call it quits after having a successful release of their "40 Bucks" EP. 4) A three-piece british style indie rock band, hailing from singapore, featuring Archie and Dan Fairhurst, and Stefan Niedermeyer. 5) A three piece explosion from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 6) A 5-piece pop punk/hardcore band from St. Albert (Edmonton), Alberta, Canada. They released an EP and some single songs before splitting up. The band was well known locally for their fun, party hard style. The lyrics centred around friendship, family and having fun. 7) A 6 piece Alternative/Pop group from Perth, Western Australia 8) A psytrance DJ from Assam, India 9 A collaboration between DJ Nicky Siano and Arthur Russell. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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