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Git Cha House On Baby
Vinyl record
Vocal 4 Tracker - Pumpin House From Chicago's DJ, Producer and Vocalist - An artist who needs no introduction, Mike Dunn returns to the legendary NYC label Nu Groove with a four-track vinyl release that brings together disparate influences from the master’s encyclopaedic knowledge of genre and style.

What results are productions that are at once timeless, a quality that can only be achieved through the lived experiences of a four-decade career. Title track ‘Git’cha House On, Baby’ is a late 80s freestyle throwback, with hard synth lines running the show, while ‘Don’t Pay Me No Mind’ is a metropolitan anthem led by a solid piano groove.

Additionally, the vinyl features two tracks from Dunn’s ‘Rock Ya Body (Deepa)’; the lead, an effortlessly cool deliverance of pure, unadulterated house, and ‘Let’cha Love Fall Down On Me’ which swells and flows with addictive ease. Elevating all four compositions are the producer’s signature vocals, immediately arresting and suitable for all genres. Dunn’s status as an innovator was earned through creating and influencing the scenes we know and love today, and this new delivery of originals further cements his status as a 100% house master.

After four decades in the game, Chicago original Mike Dunn knows a thing or two about serving up killer, party-staring house cuts. He's at it again on his latest outing for the reborn Nu Groove label, offering up a quartet of ear-catching, peak-time ready treats. On 'Git'cha House On' Dunn goes straight for the jugular, joining the dots between UK interpretations of hip-house and Kraftwerk-influenced Windy City house, before opting to add another of his part sung, part rapped vocals to a rolling, piano-sporting good time groove on 'Don't Pay Me No Mind'. Over on side B, 'Rock Ya Body (Deepa)' is a glossy, classic-sounding and percussively energetic big room workout, while 'Le'tcha Love Fall Down On Me' is deep, dreamy, energetic and lusciously loved up.


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Git'cha House On, Baby (MD Main MixX)
Don't Pay Me No Mind
Rock Ya Body (Deepa)
Let'cha Love Fall Down (On Me)

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Chicago house music legend Mike Dunn, has been DJing and producing music for almost three decades. Hailing from Englewood, Chicago, Mike started out DJing at the local block parties that took place playing disco, funk, soul and prototype Chicago house tracks. “I was one of the first cats bringing two reel-to-reels and spinning with them at the parties. I was bringing out two Pioneer 707s, doing the Hummingbird, Jacks, The Courtyard, etc. I’d bring a drum machine, too. I would make tracks right then as the party was going. Way before my guys Daft Punk and all of them were doing live gigs, I was doing that at the basement parties – just bringing drum machines and doing everything live. A lot of my early tracks came from me doing them at the party when the party was going on. I’d save it in memory and bring it home and polish it up. But I listen to it now and it’s like, damn… didn’t use enough cleaner!” Word soon spread about his talents and Mike was booked for various clubs in and around Chicago, DJ’ing with house music innovators such as Ron Hardy, Larry Heard and good friend Armando Gallop. It wasn’t long before Mike got the production bug, resulting in his first release in 1987, “Dance You Mutha” on Westbrook Records, he also started to produce and engineer for other Chicago artists, such as Armando, Fast Eddie and K-Alexi Shelby. More house and techno productions followed in the late 80s with Mike’s distinctive vocal delivery and trademark hip-house, acid, production style, to create tracks such as ‘Let It Be House’, ‘Magic Feet’ and “Face the Nation”, sometimes under the name Mike Dunn but also under aliases such as MD Connection, MDIII and QX-1. He continued to produce and release throughout the 1990s, with releases on labels such as Nervous, Nitestuff and Tribal America, whilst also working with other producers and vocalists such as Syleena Johnson, Byron Stingley, Mina Jackson, Kool Rock Steady and Kym English to name a few. More recently, tracks like Phreaky MF’ and ‘God Made Me Phunky’, rereleased on Defected records, have raised his profile and delivered his music to new audiences. Whilst new interest in Mike’s original old school jamz have taken him to work with the new generation of house and techno producers and labels, demonstrated on tracks such as ‘It’s the Music’ produced by Murphy Jaxx and ‘Touch the Sky’ produced by Alden Tyrell and released on Clone’s Jack for Daze imprint. His first album in 27 years, ‘My House, From All Angles’ was released in 2019 on Classic that was well received by press and DJs alike. This year also sees the launch of Mike’s label Blackball Muzik as an outlet for Mike’s music productions as well as releases on Defected and Gliterbox to name a few. Mike continues to DJ throughout the world playing at clubs such as Panorama Bar, Concrete, Fabric and Sub Club, and festivals such as Glastonbury, Electric Forrest demonstrating why the Chicago OG is still very much in demand Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.