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Take A Ride EP
Vinyl record
2x12" Classy Vocal House, Soulful House, Nu DIsco & Soulful Grooves on This 8 Tracker.

Anané’s Take A Ride EP was produced by Two Soul Fusion, aka Louie Vega and Josh Milan, all with live string arrangements courtesy of the Apple Hill String Quartet and conducted by Leroy Burgess. The recording dives from the effortless heights of Punk Disco (Let Me Be Your Fantasy, High) into the swirling eddies of Jazz Funk (Coffy Is The Color) before climbing back out into the languorous arms of Italo-Disco (Tutto Previsto). Strings across the production were

The EP is held together in its entirety by the dreamy, sumptuous vocal of its creator Anané, who considers her top line one vital part of the instrumental whole. “I am art,” Anané reflects carefully, “for I am the music as much as I am the singer. Creation means to crawl into the unseen of my own dreams and becoming the beast of my vision, singing to the world as I go by.”

Opening singles Let Me Be Your Fantasy and High both tap into the lifeblood of classic punk disco – when rock, punk and disco merged in the early 80s to create the seminal NYC sound – chugging bass lines and tempestuous high hats providing the DNA for both cuts. On Let Me Be Your Fantasy Vega and Milan employ a dizzying array of tumbling, soaring string sections that dance across rivers of percussion and bass courtesy of Elements of Life band member XXX, Anané’s vocal swirling effortlessly above it all. High starts in similar fashion, Anané pulling the listener into the dance from the moment the needle drops, the chugging bassline catching her wind as the single begins to gather momentum. In both tracks it’s all about the movement, a thrilling, heady sense of dynamism and rhythm that grows with each song as they relax into their natural groove.

From disco Anané coaxes us down into the freewheeling depths of jazz funk with the single Coffy Is The Color. At nine minutes long this is an indulgent masterpiece, a carefully controlled riot, expertly orchestrated so that it builds and grows in energy and pace bar on bar. Anané is the central riff underpinning everything, her voice the steadfast constant within the experiment, various instruments tumbling, diving, rising and swirling around her, adding in volume and excitement until the listener is swimming in whirling electronic and acoustic waters. For any audiophile, Coffy Is The Color is as luxurious an experience as it gets.

Sensual, languid, practically slinking its way out of the speakers and across the terrazzo is Italo-Disco single ‘Tutto Previsto’. A homage to Anané’s love of Italy, the single embodies the unhurried, lazy heat of the Mediterranean. Slow basslines and sliding guitars that have an almost Cajun feel to them provide the song’s foundation, while strings shimmer and dance across the top. Between the two, prowling with an almost feline nature, is Anané’s simmering vocal.

Michael Gray’s Dub Mix of Get On The Funk Train brings the EP full circle back into disco, chunky, squelching rhythms rubbing up against undulating organs, insistent percussion and glistening strings. Paying homage to the original production of Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, it showcases the truly timeless nature of the genre, a legacy only added to by Anané’s latest body of work.

Take A Ride is a typically daring outing from Anané, who has for her entire career as musician, writer, singer, DJ and label boss, forged her own path. “My role as an artist has a higher purpose,” she explains, “not only my own personal expression but inspiring, creating, and possibly moulding the world around me. Understanding this sense of power. That I have within comes with great responsibility and understanding that my music will always be more than what I could ever imagine.”


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Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Instrumental)
Anane's Disco Punk Demo (Instrumental)
Coffy Is The Color
Coffy Is The Color (Instrumental)
Tutto Previsto
Get On The Funk Train (Michael Gray Dub Mix)

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Born in Praia, Santiago--the capital of the unspoiled islands off the coast of West Africa-- this songstress’ Cape Verde prides itself on its African, Portuguese, Mediterranean, and Latin-American customs and traditions. It is no wonder that Anané has been blessed with a deep connection to her own rich history and an immeasurable global understanding of music. “My aunts and uncles were known as the Xalinos [their family name.] They made most of the musical instruments on the island, such as guitars, violins, and the uncommon Cavaqinho, a small four-string guitar”, explains Anané. On the weekends, her family would host the traditional Serenada, a gathering of people who sang and danced to the music of the island. It was during this time in her childhood that Anané realized the beginnings of her extraordinary vocal prowess. After immigrating to Rhode Island with her family, Anané was able to expand on her musical interests from the island sounds of Cape Verde to the truly diverse and soulful sounds of America. She has been musically influenced by the artists she grew up listening to, including a wide range of classic and contemporary vocalists such as: Gal Costa, Tito Paris, Sade, and Jill Scott. “Jill Scott is my greatest inspiration, musically and lyrically. She is just an all around real woman,” professes the singer/songwriter. As a result, she has been able to enjoy an eclectic legacy of performers who continually not only impact their listeners but other artists as well, over time. Taking her cues from these individuals, Anané began singing in her own musical group, 2 Each Her Own, by the time she was a teen. “I was in a girl group and we performed in the Rhode Island and Boston area”, she happily reminisces. “I had always wanted to be involved in the entertainment business, whether it was in modeling, dancing, or singing.” Anané represented the United States and won the Miss Cape Verde pageant and later won the Miss Portugal title, representing her home state of Rhode Island. Anané has also taken the modeling world by storm, being featured in such magazines as Latina, Mode, and Ulla Popkens, along with featuring in a major campaign for Revlon. However, Anané’s multifaceted talents do not simply end with modeling. She has been designing and sewing her own clothing and coordinating various fashion shows, for years. Her vast involvement in the entertainment industry has also catapulted her into the music video realm, being featured as a dancer for such artists as: Redman, Erik Sermon, Byron Stingily, and Keith Murray. Indeed, her experiences as a young world ambassador and performer provided her with the opportunity to travel and begin sharing her extraordinary talents with the world. DJ/Producer Louie Vega confesses that “for the past six years, Anané has been my secret weapon muse.” It is no surprise that Anané’s inclusion in Louie Vega’s new ground-breaking musical project, Elements of Life, was a natural fit and obvious choice. Utilizing various sounds and instruments, along with her sultry lyrics in Cape Verdian, Portuguese, and French, the music on Elements of Life has been seamlessly blended to truly elevate, enlighten, and even surprise you. Sharing from her thoughts on this project, Anané says, “It has been one of the most incredible experiences in my life. Working with Louie Vega…he has this acoustic vision, which is hard to explain…but as each day passed and as we collaborated, little by little, a song came together, like a painting or a poem. We just let it flow freely. In the end, we created something that came from deep within our souls…a story that explains what we are feeling at this moment in time, love, and life.” Anticipation is building on her future projects as she begins yet another chapter in her musical journey with the upcoming release of her first solo album in 2005. Anané will undoubtedly impact all audiences with her lasting impression and in turn, influence the direction of tomorrow’s music, its artists, and the entertainment industry as a whole. She is humbly blessed with a beautiful gift of song with an uncommon versatility to create fresh and timeless music stemming from the beats, sounds and emotions of her heart and soul. Anané is a true musical entrepreneur, who will continue to bring the joy of song to us for many years to come. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.