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There are at least 6 Groups and one independent artist with this name: 01. NRG is a South African pop group formed in 2011 consisting of Christiaan Botha, Rowan Zerf, Abel Knobel, and Stephantasties. 02. NRG is Korean hip hop and dance boyband. NRG is the acronym for New Radiancy Group. Originally a five-member group, then became a 3 member group when the leader Lee Sungjin left for his pursue of acting and as an announcer and Chun Myong hoon left for music producing. After the not so popular group of 3, the old members returned for the next fourth album, but after the death of Kim Hwan Sung in 2000 the group was down to 4 members. With the 4 members, they had a hit success on their 5th album and later 6th album but after the departure of Moon Sung Hoon in 2005, it is now a three-member group again. 03. NRG is a Punk Band from Denmark led by lead singer Kim Ingemann. They released a handful of EP's in the early 80's. 04. NRG were a progressive styled rock band fronted by the late Kevin Gilbert (Giraffe, Toy Matinee) while he was in high school. They wrote a single album named No Reasons Given. 05. NRG is an independent trance artist from Bulgaria whose work generally focuses on mixing but is sure to grow into something much more. 06. NRG is a Christian heavy metal band. They released an album called "Back Like Fire" in 1999. Nb, NRG was also the alias of Neil Rumney who released He Never Lost His Hardcore in the early 90's. The banging anthem sampled rapper IceT and was released on the Chill label with a remix later and a hard house re-release in the early 00's. His Feel the Fury EP sampled the Korgi's "I need your lovin'" and was very popular as well as Promised Land, a track heavy with Charlie and the Chocolate factory samples. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

NRG Inside EP Kniteforce Records

NRG - Inside EP

4 Track EP OF Piano Happy Hardcore - NRGs return to the scene has been phenomenal, and this EP only serves to underscore why his mighty talent for inc...
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