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Releases by kingsize

1.Kingsize is an underground hip-hop group from Yambol, Bulgaria. Bangalino: Milen Vasilev , born October 81 and is part of du ( l) th Kingsize. Since childhood incredible crazy ordinal occurs in the so -called "Sick head " only ordinal designers ... Repeatedly received electric slaps Bengalino today knows how to up the heat in a disco-club with its whopping instrumentals . He grew up among the greenery of Bulgaria Bengalino " addicted " to the sedative effect of charmed collar ganja and May something ... does not want to napuska.Benga started playing music at 13, and including a number has not fa - tal for " that his wild talent." Over the past three years 24 chasovkata is busy making underground hip-hop and ragga narezhdane.Za Bengalino music is not only a kind of addiction , and the selected method of zhivot.Hip -hop for it is something as " headache " from which you can not ilekuvash but do not want to lose . " So after several hours smash " ..... ganja break ...... Through his songs express Bengal . " Like crazy , I can not explain it exactly ." In his lyrics he always observer who evaluates the events of our social zhivot.A matter. "With what do you proud as a performer ? " , he responds," Well I do not know , "which proves that it is down to earth , " different from other hip-hopers with your bullshit , ha-ha , how do I know ! not me man , I'll tell koyto " Bisollini: Dimitar Stoykov was born March 81 a.Kato small ( had long hair hee -hee -hee ) is pushed into their most hidden places in the covenant Yambol.I today I hakterizirala a little too secretive " Crazy " (always gandzha pull of the most amazing places ) . This contributes his green fad for izrodskiya voice pritezhava.Da talking about the same depth and hoarseness that shake the sick minds of the territory of BG.Bisolini veche forgot long listening to hip- hop.koeto quite normal zo those merging with this principle kultura.Po Bisolini deals with " laziness " , but this does not prevent him to develop himself. " Bisolini as what a man is ," Well I am certainly not nasty if you want accurate answer, let me pull and then ... " Through his words he is " I'm not № 1 and will never be " , however, is № 1 vote in BG and this is " you know when I'm № 1 " , he continues , " when he dies DJ T Fresh, ha-ha -ha . " All I know is that the word vision is equivalent to 2Ras , 'Tis the man who ........ Well it is crazy ! " Information about the songs. " Roll spirit " e rousing lyrics of street language, which is the situation in the country , the lives of ordinary people and the subtle difference between social layers that depend on each other . While much of nezaslushalite in the text of Kingsize be confident that they sing grass and grass only those who became acquainted in detail with their creativity already know that the songs carry protest charge hidden under ugly but realistic comparisons. all songs are characterized by social ideological line that builds with every pesen.Kazano a simpler language Kingsize describe the situation , criticizing it otrichat.Tipichen example is " offensive" created in conjunction with Fisolini (NO Wallz), which expresses resentment not only nasty , miserable life , but also to those "Where do pedalski songs where you pay to become famous, you Litakovo situation in Bulgaria " This madness of unda hip hop, ragga, beat pie and " playful bagpipes " be stuck in the minds of both . " Sick head " is something drugo.Tya associated with addiction and their way of life. "Two ... " in the story of our zhivot.A was listen , listen and learn . Along Kingsize is very strong cahoots horitsa.Te are part of the whole Hip hop world whose dreams revolve around that live on the island from the movie " The Beach" ( with abnormal plantation ) . They keep most of my friends, party (this a 10 -liter beers , 100 gramcheta green , so that chipsche Bengalino and finally fall asleep before anything else ) . For Kingsize and Company " straightforward bastards are not running, you need everyone to his knocks on something else is not ours." Because life is the people around us and the relationship between us Kingsize ask what value most in a man . Bengalino : - I admire people who want to leave something behind , it's not . Watt drill . Ask them also how they see themselves in 20 years : Bengalino : " I want to be a producer, studio , many people around me ." Bisolini : D " I will be even more lazy and dzhitkam from those of grasses Mad " beach " , a- ah , and I guess I'll keep napushvam cat Bengalino . What do you expect in the near future " to rob the plants . " 2.Kingsize consists of four wonderful musicians creating hard hitting, down the line rock and roll. Be not fooled however, criers of "Dullards!" step back, for these lads are not afraid of pop (nor gin nay whiskey for that matter) experimentation is not a word of which we do not speak (unless we find ourselves in a dungeon/cellar in Amsterdam, in which case it becomes a truly cursed utterance!). In the past year Kingsize have supported the likes of Little Man Tate, Dogs, Harrisons, The Sunshine Underground, Mumm Ra, Metro Riots, Reverend and The Makers, The Dykeenies, Five O'Clock Heroes and the 747s. 3. Kingsize is a Dutch MC from The Hague. He has released two mixtapes: De Ongekroonde Koning(2009) and Troonrede(2010). He is signed to the dutch hiphop label Wilde Westen Records. Wat weet je van de WW! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

Kingsize Lights Over EN3 EP Time Tunnel Recordings

Kingsize - Lights Over EN3 EP

Brekbeat / Drum N Bass Black Vinyl Pressing - Kingsize drops his second release on Time Tunnel Recordings and it is a beauty. Inspired by the sights a...
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